Prayer Shawl Ministry

 Beautiful shawls and lap robes are prayerfully knitted and crocheted by members and friends of PAUMC and blessed by the pastor before being distributed to people who are going through illness, recent loss of a loved one, or a significant time of stress in their life. The soft warmth of the shawls is especially comforting and the shawls serve as a further reminder of the love  and constant presence and care of Christ and that their friends at PAUMC love them and are praying for them.

 " I was first made a gift of a prayer shawl when my newborn boy, Gabriel, was two days old and my neighbor brought a gift to me at Children's Hospital while Gabriel underwent a life-saving surgery on his right lung.  Many prayers had gone into that shawl and it was given to me at time when I had brought no robe, no sweater, no nothing for the cold halls and difficult moments in the NICU with my new baby boy.  The shawl was healing through that difficult time.  Truly, it warmed and healed us both, as I nursed my newborn baby boy.
This year my three year old daughter Isabel was found to have the same lung problem as her baby brother.  She went through a procedure in January that was to solve her breathing problems.  That procedure went wrong, and she suffered a stroke.  My friend from PAUMC at my work had known of our upcoming procedure and had gone ahead with asking her church group to make prayer shawls for me, and for my daughter Isabel.
My prayer shawl remains at work, on the back of my chair parts of some days, but so many times over my shoulders as I go through the building with many compliments on such a "fashionable" accessory.  I make sure to be clear:  this is my prayer shawl, from my friend at PAUMC. It warms me in these halls and classrooms, and it warms me as I leave my children every day to go to work.  The prayers lift me through these halls and classrooms and I get to go home to my children.
Isabel is now four and she knows my story about my friend at work, the prayers that went into her shawl, just like her brother Gabriel’s. When she begins to talk about her next big hospital time, that shawl is included in what will be most important to bring with us.
I make sure to care for my children:  food, drink, clothing, roof, manners, love, whatever we all know they need.  Friends,  Community.  Kindness.  Consideration.  Compassion.  a true love of friends and family are part of the healing of any and all things.  We have that.  My friend,  her prayer shawl group, her church friends and the PAUMC community have reached out to ours, and we feel it. "  Ana

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